Season 5: Everything is about to change

Family & friends have politely reminded me that I haven’t blogged all season (although I do post regularly on our FaceBook page). As cruisers, I don’t normally consider our season to have started until we’ve anchored out, spotted a fish/turtle/ray/dolphin/manatee and I can go for my first snorkel. However, this cruising season will be completely different and we had no idea when we arrived. Let me catch you up.

Surprise Christmas cookies delivered our wonderful Park Rangers on Christmas Eve!

After Amazon Camperforce, we scrambled to get the RV back in storage before the snow started to fall. We were happy to find campgrounds still had hookups on this late in the season. We also had a wonderful night security guard, who would deliver packages to the RV after hours so they weren’t left outside the office. Our own Santa!

For budget reasons, airline tickets were scheduled after Jan 1st, allowing us to spend Christmas with family before fleeing to warmer weather.

As much as I hate closing up one tiny home then having to open up the other, it has its perks. Odin the Winnebago is purged of junk & all clean (yes, you can still hoard in an RV—apparently!). It gets a little easier each year. Now on to somewhere WARMER!

Whew! We’re home! After a standing-room only airport shuttle at 4:00 am, a HUGE TSA line that would have made us late for our flight (thank goodness for Global & TSA-Pre!), a plane change in Tampa (first time we’ve had an empty seat between us in forever—both flights), Thrifty rental car losing our reservation (“Welcome to the islands…”), an hour+ drive to Fajardo, and quick stop at the grocery store, we made it to our favorite AirBnB. A full 12-hour day of traveling and we lost 2 more hours in the time change. There’s some weather blowing through, but it’s 80 degrees and we can see the marina from here.

Blue skies over Odin! Just like we left him…

The solar panels kept our new AGM battery bank topped over hurricane season. I’m airing out the interior. Galley has been wiped down and canned goods inventoried. Both engines and Honda generator are up and running (after cleaning the carb a few times. Where’s the fun in it turning over on the first try?!) I’m off to do some laundry & another stop at The Skipper Shop. #boatlife

Today’s last chore? Uncover the dinghy, clean & put up in the davits. Hmm, these guys have other ideas…#islandproblems

Fresh coat of bottom paint at the water line @ $390/gal. Not a good pic. Hmm, not going back down. It’s muddy!

Splash day! It get’s a little easier every year. These guys are pros. Of course the two minis of Don Q rum they gave us while signing the long “release” contract really does help!

It might disturb our nervous family members to know it’s always exciting to confirm that yes, it still floats!

Carburetors. The bane of every cruiser…
Yeah! Recycles bins on every dock. Well, at least they’re trying…
Sunrise from the cockpit with some locally grown coffee. Still trying to decide which big project to tackle first. Maybe we’ll have another cup of coffee…
Spoilert Alert: For me, this is Disneyland but The Captain is all business

On the wish list since we bought the boat—a new mattress. Not an easy task. 1). It has to be frameless or it won’t fit in the door then make the turn down into the starboard hull (and one has to come out so the other can come in). 2). I couldn’t find a memory foam mattress on this side of the island. You have to order it. 3). We don’t own a car. 4). The boss didn’t want to get rid of the old mattress until we slept on the new one—so now the boat looks like this!

We took advice from other cruisers and bought a queen size piece of foam from the upholstery shop for $160. We reused the current cover & memory foam topper. Bam! I woke up without my back hurting for the first time in a long time. Almacenes 100 for the win!

#boatlife is hard on tools. Hammer & snap tool #failure in one day/project
First rainbow of the season

Stay tuned for Boat Project #1 Salon Settee Upholstery.

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