Odin’s Google Maps

Before I share the latest Google “My Maps”, here are the links to previous Google Maps of our adventures:

We are currently traveling, so this map will continue to change. Check this link regularly for updates: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eP6k8hmmoWdhD5IduwgZVy2S-dKKWWUJ&usp=sharing

This link should open in your internet browser (not in your Google Maps software or app). It’s easier to view on laptops. I can view it on my iPad but not on The Captain’s, for some reason.

If you don’t see a list of stops on the left hand side, click on “Legend”.

Click on one of the stops to find it on the map or get more details.

You can zoom in using the “+/-” buttons.

Most of the time, you can zoom in far enough to see the actual campground layout (if there are no trees)! This is great for:

  • Researching before making reservations. If we have a choice, we like shade, an end spot so we only have one neighbor and pull-thrus at state parks (same price, no neighbors, bigger spot).
  • Getting ourselves oriented before entering a new campground. Many but not all campgrounds will have a map on their website–good ones will mark the dump station, water spigots, & bathrooms–which aid in picking a spot. If not, Google Maps is your friend.

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