Winnebago Journey Norcold Fridge Repair

World’s Slowest RV Remodel

There is nothing worse than realizing the fridge has gone out. My first suspicion was the partially melted ice cubes the night before, but I ignored it. The next morning, as we prepped to leave St. Louis for Tennessee to visit family, it was confirmed. The fridge quit. At least it was January, so we quickly loaded everything into a plastic bin in an outdoor locker and off we went. While visiting friends in Kentucky, troubleshooting indicated we may have lost our ammonia charge (yellow powder). Parts were ordered and shipped ahead to our family in Tennessee. This may be the biggest thing we’ve ordered from Amazon! Shockingly, the swap out only took one day.

Why swap out the “guts” instead of the whole refrigerator? Well, $$$, but we were also happy with the cosmetic condition of our fridge. AND, it was very likely that the only way to get the old fridge out and new fridge in was taking out a window—in the WINTER! Yeah, no.

After taking off the door, it was a little tricky to pull the refrigerator out. It is also necessary to get up on the roof. (Once again, Winnebago wasn’t messing around when they built our Journey!) I won’t go into detail here, but here is a good YouTube video:

The fridge was laid flat on the floor, the back removed, the new back installed and then reinstalled in the wall. BAM! It works!

Our fridge:

Another good reference:

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