Hiking Dog-Friendly Jonesborough, Tennessee

Persimmon Ridge Park

One of the reasons I wanted a dog was more motivation to get outside and exercise. Check! We’re exploring Jonesborough one trail at a time—who cares that it’s winter!

Lamar Alexander Rocky Fork State Park

Pup’s first long hike. 3.4 miles, 1 hour, 18 min. She did a good heel and never wavered across at least 5 foot bridges (twice! On an out & back route). A quick paw in the creek convinced her a swim wasn’t worth it—she did a back flip to follow her people across the bridge. She also insisted everyone STAY TOGETHER—if anyone got too far ahead or too far behind, she herded us all back together. She’s crazy about our Tennessee family, so she happily followed them wherever they led.

South Holston River Dam (Weir Dam)

Pup’s second hike with our TN family. She took the lead this time but had a relaxed pace, nice loose-leash manners, frequent check-ins to make sure everyone was still together and a decent recall on her retractable leash. She is also freakishly good at staying on/following the trail or sidewalk.


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